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Sector overview

Kurdistan Region is known for its spectacular landscapes and ancient civilization. Today, its cities have become regional centers for business, shopping and cultural activities, and in the last decade, it has become a tourist destination for local and international tourists during all seasons.

Kurdistan Region is home to many archaeological and historical sites, including Erbil Citadel (a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is 6,000 years old), Bestansur, Shanidar Cave, and Qizqapan Cave. The region offers tourists the opportunity to experience the diverse cuisine and traditions of Kurds and other ethnic groups, with its traditional villages, livable cities, and food markets.

The Kurdistan Regional Government is working to promote the sector and make the region a unique tourist destination. With many archeological sites, mountains, rivers, caves, and mineral water sources, the region offers numerous investment opportunities, such as tourist compounds, brand hotels, theme parks and others.

Data and Figures

Below are some statistics about tourism projects and other information about the tourism sector in the Kurdistan Region:



Tourist villages


Restaurants & cafes


Licensed tourism projects by BOI



Erbil International Airport, Sulaymaniyah International Airport

Tourist arrivals

The location and geography of the Kurdistan Region and its security, peace and coexistence have helped it to attract millions of tourists every year, most of them from other parts of Iraq. In addition, the number of international tourists has increased in recent years and is expected to increase further.

This graph shows the trend of increasing tourist arrivals to the Kurdistan Region between 2008 and 2022.

Reasons to invest in the Kurdistan Region’s Tourism Sector

There are numerous reasons why you should invest in Kurdistan's tourism sector, including:

➔ Being the the main tourist attraction area in Iraq

➔ Many historical and religious sites from different eras

➔ Diverse culture and traditions of different ethnic groups and religions

➔ Beautiful nature with magnificent mountains, valleys, lakes, and rivers

➔ Booming tourism industry and increasing trend of incoming tourists

➔ Availability of potential investment projects with ready designs and land plots all over the Kurdistan Region.

Investment Opportunities in Tourism

Below are the investment projects proposed by the Board of Investment and the Board of Tourism:

Investment opportunities in Erbil Province

  • Tourism Compound in Bapishtyan, Hotel, 140 Chalets, Conference Hall, Sport Yards & Other Various Playing Yards

  • Tourism Compound in Hamamok, Hotel, 50 chalets, Two Restaurants, Ceremony Hall, Market, Landscaping, Bicycle Track, etc.

  • Handreen Mountain Ski Resort, Four Star Hotel, 40 chalets, Restaurant, Huts & etc.

  • Tourism Compound in Rosteh, Restaurant, Huts, Bicycle Track, Landscape & etc.

  • Tourism Compound in Mala-Ziad, Restaurant, Aqua Park, Rowing Boat, Landscaping & etc.

Investment opportunities in Sulaymaniah Province

  • Tourism Compound in Kona-Ba, Cave Zone Development, Museum, Cafeteria, Landscaping, Telepherique & etc.

  • Tourism Compound in Ban-Kween, Three Star Hotel, Ceremony Area, Restaurant, Cafeteria, Aqua park, Boat for rent, Bicycle Track, Landscaping & etc.

  • Kona-Masi Tourism Zone Reorganization, Restaurant, Play Yards, Aqua Park & Boat, Landscaping & etc.

  • Tourism Compound in Sarchawai-Reshin, Restaurant, Cafeteria, Play Yard, Landscaping & etc.

  • Tourism Compound in Mergapan, Three Star Hotel, Restaurant, Cafeteria, Play Yard, Aqua Park, Bicycle Track, Landscaping & etc.

Investment Opportunities in Dohuk Province

  • Khort, Shagavte, Grmava Tourism Mineral Water Bath (Treatment), Cafeteria, Spa Center, Landscaping & etc

  • Qobahan Historical Madrasa Rehabilitation, Museum, Landscaping

  • Establishment of Dohuk Tourist Village, 150 Villa, 25 motel, Health Center, Mosque, School, Cafeteria, Restaurant, Aqua Park, Market, Park, Cinema, Landscaping & etc

  • Establishment of Sar-Zere Ski Resort, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafeteria, Landscaping

  • Tourist Complex in Inishke, Restaurant, ATV Motocross Track, Equestrian, Landscaping

Investment Opportunities in Halabja Province

  • Khoshk Mountain Telepherique & Tourism Compound in Bamo Zone Project

  • Tourism Compound in Ahmad-Awa-Zalm, 52 Chalets, Four Restaurants, Cafeteria, Landscaping & etc

  • Establishment of Shenrwe Mountain Cable Car (Telepherique) & Tourism Compound, Alibaba Village

  • Tourism Compound on the way between Balkhe & Wazne Project

Investment Opportunities in Garmian District

  • Roma Tourism Compound, Motel, Restaurant, Cafeteria, Ceremony Hall, Electronic Game Area, Play Yards, Landscaping & etc.

  • Establishment of Aqua Park Project.

  • Typical Cultural Hall, Restaurant, Cafeteria, Landscaping & etc

  • Sangaw Tourism Mineral Water Bath (Treatment), Cafeteria, Spa Center, Landscaping & etc

  • Bawashaswar Dam Aqua Park

  • Kalar Mall with All Accessories, Restaurant, Landscaping & etc

Investment Opportunities in Raparin District

  • Sport Tourism Complex project

  • Tourism Project in Hosni Hill, Four Star Hotel, 45 Chalets, Restaurant, Cafeteria, Market, Landscaping & etc

  • Ranya Forest Tourist Complex, 51 Chalets, Four Restaurant, (Telepherique), Play Yards, Huts, Landscaping & etc

  • Makok Mountain Tourist Compound, Chalets, Restaurant, Play Yards, Landscaping & etc

  • Tourism Compound project in Darbandi-Ranya