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About Invest Kurdistan

Invest Kurdistan is the investment attraction and promotion brand for the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The brand is managed by the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Unit of the Board of Investment (BOI). The FDI Unit, through Invest Kurdistan, works to showcase the region's attractiveness and promote its investment opportunities, with the aim of attracting more investment and transforming the region's economy. 

The FDI Unit is the main point of contact for foreign investors looking to invest in the Kurdistan Region, assisting them with a variety of business advisory services.

The vision is to make Kurdistan a premier investment destination in the Middle East.

About BOI

The Board of Investment of the Kurdistan Regional Government was established in 2006 to license investment projects, promote investment in various sectors of the economy, and facilitate investment with local and foreign investors in implementing their projects.

The main objective of the BOI is to contribute to the economic and social development of the Kurdistan Region by diversifying the economy and focusing on sectors other than the oil upstream industry. The BOI provides a range of services, such as providing information on investment opportunities, granting licenses, assisting with site selection, and facilitating cooperation between the investor and relevant departments and ministries.

Investment in the Kurdistan region

Since 2006 the BOI has licensed 1124 investment projects with a total capital of $67 billion, in various sectors with the main ones being manufacturing, real estate, tourism, trade, and agriculture.

The capital of foreign investment projects accounts for $12 billion of the total invested capital in the region. Foreign investment came mainly from the UAE, Turkey, Lebanon, USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia and some other countries in the Middle East and Europe.

Investor Services

The Board of Investment, through the FDI Unit and Invest Kurdistan, provides a range of services to assist investors throughout the investment process, from the early stages of exploration and site selection, to establishing and expanding their business in the Kurdistan Region. These services include (but are not limited to):


Information and Business Advisory

Helping investors to access detailed data and information about the Kurdistan Region, its laws and regulations, and the sectors and opportunities that have potential for growth and development.



Provide assistance and guidance to help investors obtain the licenses and permits they need to start investment projects and operate their businesses in the Kurdistan Region. This may include assistance and support in liaising with the relevant departments and authorities. Any further support with landing your business.



Helping to connect local and foreign investors interested in forming joint ventures or partnerships. This can help investors gain access to local expertise and networks.


 Site visits and meetings

Provide support and guidance to help investors plan and conduct site visits and meetings with the Board of Investment, potential partners and other stakeholders.


Gain valuable insight by exploring our frequently asked questions about investing in the Kurdistan Region. If you require additional information that is not addressed, please feel free to contact us.

Invest Kurdistan (FDI Unit) is dedicated to provide support and assistance to international investors looking to expand and invest in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The Unit provides support and guidance at various stages of the investment process, including but not limited to; assistance in obtaining licenses, providing data, connecting with relevant ministries, site selection and aftercare services.

The Investment Law of the Kurdistan Region offers many incentives to investors, and the Board of Investment facilitates these incentives for both local and foreign investors. Foreign investors receive the same incentives as local investors, including tax exemptions, land allocation, full repatriation of profits and more. You can read more about the incentives here.

There are many advantages to the Kurdistan Region that make it more attractive and suitable for investors to start their investments, compared to other parts of Iraq and other countries in the MENA region.


Some of the factors to start your investment project in the Kurdistan Region would be:

  1. The region is more secure and stable compared to other parts of Iraq.

  2. The region's strategic location in the Middle East has helped it become a trading center and hub for international businesses.

  3. Having quick access to the big and growing markets of Iraq, MENA and Europe.

  4. Having abundant human and natural resources, which make it easy for investors to obtain their resources when launching their investment projects in the region.

Investors, both local and foreign, are allowed to invest in many different sectors of the economy and obtain a license from the Board of Investment to do so, except for investments in oil and gas extraction. The main sectors currently considered as priority sectors for the region are agriculture, industry (including both light and heavy manufacturing) and tourism. Investors are also welcome to invest in other sectors such as finance, services, transportation, renewable energy, healthcare, education and infrastructure, among others.

Whether you are just starting to explore the region and its opportunities, or have a proposal ready to go. The first step is to get in touch with us through the Contact Us page.   

Our team is ready to handle your request, be it an investment proposal, a request for information or any other inquiry. After reviewing it, we will get back to you with the information and direction regarding your inquiry.

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