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The Ninth Cabinet's Impact on Kurdistan's Economic Growth

Over the past four years (2019-2023), the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has experienced significant investment growth across all sectors. The region's potential and favorable investment climate has attracted both domestic and international investors. Key sectors, Such as energy, infrastructure, tourism, agriculture, and technology, have seen significant investments, driving job creation, infrastructure development, and overall economic progress. reflecting confidence in the region's stability, resources, and business-friendly environment. The KRG's commitment to fostering an enabling ecosystem ensures promising opportunities for continued growth and prosperity across all sectors. This blog explores the impact of the Cabinet's approach, showcasing the transformative growth it has brought to the KRI.


Under the Keen guidance of the 9th Cabinet, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq has witnessed extraordinary growth in investment, with an impressive total of 279 projects. These investments, which include joint ventures, local initiatives, and foreign contributions, have had a profound impact in diverse sectors ranging from energy and infrastructure to technology and tourism. International investors have recognized the region's untapped opportunities, and are drawn to its strategic location and promising prospects. The government's strategic policies and business-friendly environment have played a significant role in attracting both local and international attention, fostering a vibrant culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.


The success of these investments is reflected in the region's economy, driving major economic growth and laying the foundations for a bright future. The guiding leadership of the 9th Cabinet has resulted in a remarkable 40% increase in foreign, joint, and local investment.

This administration's approach to creating an environment conducive to growth and innovation has been the trigger for attracting both domestic and international investors, creating a unified wave of economic development in the region. The 9th Cabinet has skilfully positioned the Kurdistan Region of Iraq as an attractive investment destination, drawing on its rich potential to create new opportunities.


As the term of the 9th Cabinet draws to a close, it leaves behind a number of notable achievements that have had a transformative impact on the KRI. From modernizing the business registration system to forging strong international relationships, supporting workforce development, attracting foreign investment, and advancing infrastructure projects. Additionally, it has made significant progress in promoting a sustainable future by leading the expansion of solar energy across the region.


  • With a determined focus on digital transformation, the 9th Cabinet introduced a business registration system that revolutionized the ease of doing business. By streamlining the business registration process, the government has significantly reduced the time and cost of registering a business or trade name. Both local and foreign businesses can now easily apply and monitor the progress of their application, receiving timely updates via email. In addition, users have access to helpful guides on the registration process, improving the overall user experience and support.
  • By strengthening international relationships through strategic dialogues, diplomatic missions, and mutually beneficial trade agreements, the Administration forged strong ties with nations around the world. These concerted efforts facilitated the exchange of knowledge, technology, and investments, providing local businesses with access to new markets and opportunities for expansion.
  • Recognizing the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions, the government aimed to expand solar energy in the region, embracing renewable energy as a cornerstone of economic development, they incentivize solar projects, attract investments in solar infrastructure, and actively promote the adoption of clean energy practices.
  • Their commitment to fostering local entrepreneurship has created a business-friendly environment for businesses to thrive and innovate. Building on a strong foundation of global partnerships, strategic export promotion programs were introduced to increase the visibility of local products in international markets. The export of pomegranates to the UAE was one of the many achievements of this cabinet. This accomplishment reflected the government’s commitment to promoting local products and expanding their reach on the international stage.
  • One of the most notable achievements of this cabinet was creating opportunities and promoting workforce development. Over the past four years, the government successfully generated over 20,455 vacancies directly and 34,239 indirectly through diverse investment projects across all sectors, impacting the region's economic landscape.



The 9th cabinet's unwavering commitment to advancing the prosperity of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq remains evident. Throughout their Duration, the cabinet has tirelessly focused on prioritizing initiatives that create opportunities and attract new investors to contribute to the region's growth and development. By fostering a favorable business environment and implementing strategic policies, the administration has successfully encouraged both local and international investors to play a significant role in shaping KRI's future.