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Kurdish House in Davos Paves the Way for Economic Growth in Kurdistan

Davos, January 15-19  2024,

In the heart of Davos Switzerland ,the Kurdish House made its debut at the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2024, The initiative was a joint effort by the Office of Initiatives and Communications (OIC) and the Board of Investment (BOI)-Invest Kurdistan team. This landmark achievement not only transformed the aspirations of Kurds into reality but also strategically positioned the region as a pivotal investment hub showcasing its potential in diverse sectors and to share Kurdistan's story of resilience.


The success of the Kurdish House is significantly attributed to the unwavering support and contributions of His Excellency the Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region Mr. Masrour Barzani. His leadership and unwavering dedication to fostering economic growth played a crucial role in bringing the Kurdish House to Davos, creating a historic moment for the Kurdish people, positioning the region as a vital investment destination also highlighting its diverse economic potential, offering varied opportunities for development and prosperity.

Moreover, the Kurdish House was sponsored by 13 high-level local investors, who actively facilitated meetings with international companies throughout the 4-day event. And for the first time ever a Kurdish investor attended the World Economic Forum, marking a significant step towards the global recognition of Kurdish economic contributions and opportunities.


Beyond serving as a meeting point, the Kurdish House organized a series of panels and discussions on crucial global topics. These included economic growth, investment strategies, climate change, Middle East security dynamics, women peace and security, digitalization, and governmental reform. The diverse range of discussions reflected the commitment of the Kurdish House to addressing multifaceted challenges and fostering holistic development.

As the Kurdish House continues to be a catalyst for economic growth and collaboration, it not only shares the story of Kurdistan's resilience but also envisions a future where the region plays a key role in shaping global economic discourse. The multifaceted engagements and strategic initiatives undertaken at Davos 2024 serve as a testament to the Kurdistan Region's commitment to positive global impact and continued growth on the international stage.