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Success Story


Quick Facts

Company name talabat

Sector Service

Establishment 2004


Country of Origin Foreign

A Short History

In the dynamic landscape of the Middle East and North Africa, talabat has emerged as the go-to platform for everyday delivery, with a transformative journey that began as a small startup in Kuwait in 2004. Today, as part of the global Delivery Hero company, talabat stands as a multinational powerhouse with a footprint in 9 markets across the MENA Region.


Expanding Horizons

Capitalizing on the business-friendly environment of the Kurdistan Region, Talabat strategically chose it as the launchpad for its foray into Iraq. The region's demographics and consumer behavior unveiled promising potential in the food delivery and Q-commerce sector. In the spring of 2021, talabat Iraq made its debut in Erbil, extending its services to Sulaymaniyah, Duhok, and Zakho, with ambitious plans for further expansion.

Economic Impact and Community Engagement 

talabat's economic impact goes beyond office walls. Leveraging innovative technology, the platform optimizes operations, saves time for customers, and generates revenue for over 3,000 restaurants. Concurrently, talabat provides daily earning opportunities for thousands of riders, bolstering the local on-demand economy.


Becoming the Best Workplace and Investing in Local Talent

talabat, with a vision to become the premier workplace in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, actively fosters an innovative environment. Here, the emphasis goes beyond business expansion; talabat is dedicated to empowering its workforce, enabling them to create and deliver reliable solutions that simplify daily life for local communities. As part of this commitment, Talabat plays a pivotal role in upscaling the local workforce, contributing significantly to the diversification of the regional job market. A key piece of advice from talabat to businesses considering Kurdistan is to invest in local talent. This infusion of local identity within talabat not only provides a unique perspective on community needs but also ensures a swift response to emerging challenges and opportunities.

Vision for the future 

Sustainability is woven into talabat's vision for the future. Biodegradable packaging for groceries ordered from talabat mart, annual mapping of the carbon footprint, and year-round initiatives to donate food and essentials underscore the commitment to environmental responsibility. Future plans include leveraging technology to facilitate charity donations through the app and piloting electric motorcycles for deliveries – a testament to talabat's dedication to innovation and sustainability.