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Success Story


Quick Facts

Company name PiONEER Co.

Sector Industry

Establishment 2010


Number of employees 1000

Company Capital 125 Billion IQD

Country of Origin Local

A Short History


PiONEER Co. for Pharmaceutical Industries. In 2010, PiONEER Pharmaceuticals Company established itself in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, providing reliable and innovative drugs locally. The company was led by CEO Salar Fayeq Muhammed Kolak, who quickly gained recognition for her vision to produce medicines that would enhance healthcare in Kurdistan, Iraq, the Middle East, and beyond. PiONEER had an impressive capital of 125 billion IQD and employed a workforce of approximately 1,000. They embarked on a journey towards growth, ethical values, and community welfare.


PiONEER's founding was an important step towards improving local healthcare. They established their operations in Sulaymaniyah and carried out three important projects that laid the foundation for quality healthcare provision. Various production lines including Solid Tablets, Capsules and Oral Syrups were soon installed in their facility, which stood as a symbol of hope and health for the region.

Partnerships with Impacts


By forming partnerships and consulting with experts from around the world, PiONEER established the basis for achieving excellence. They followed global standards of quality, shaping their path to success. PiONEER didn't just produce capsules. They sought to revolutionize the healthcare industry, one capsule at a time.


Expanding Horizons


Salar Kolek, the CEO, believed in the potential of Kurdistan and this belief was reflected in the company's growth strategy. PiONEER saw beyond borders and aimed to expand into new areas in healthcare and offer diversified products. Their plan for expansion included not only business growth, but also creating job opportunities for the local workforce.


Company Vision


PiONEER's goal is to foster innovation and ethical practices. By following strict quality standards, they sought to enrich lives through value-added generics and innovative medicines. Their objective was to become a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry–both recognized globally and trusted locally.


Company Mission


With a commitment to their country, PiONEER aimed to connect global knowledge with local requirements. Their goal was to strengthen Kurdistan, relying on local solutions and international views. Their contribution was not only financial, but also a statement of their confidence in local capacity. As the CEO Salar Kolak states nicely “We work hand in hand to create local drug security and self-sufficiency in our beloved country”, this quote encapsulates PiONEER's commitment to the health and well-being of their nation.

Solving Challenges


PiONEER faced many challenges along the way. They partnered with local authorities to safeguard their products and make sure that quality medicine is available in the market filled with foreign products. Their commitment to serve the community became a motivator.

Customer-Centric Approach


PiONEER's success was reflected in the satisfaction of their customers. They focused on the needs of patients, affordable pricing, and consistent quality; as a result, they not only created products, but also built trust. To guide their efforts and confirm their work, they relied on regular customer surveys.

Beyond Borders


Although PiONEER is based in Kurdistan, its influence extends far beyond. Their participation in the Iraqi market and presence in cities throughout the Middle East are examples of their influential journey.


PiONEER is not just a pharmaceutical company in the center of Sulaymaniyah; it symbolizes progress, resilience, and a dedication to improving people's lives. PiONEER's legacy encompasses not only a business, but also a beacon of hope for a healthier tomorrow, with its mission to advance better health.