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Success Story

KH Company

Quick Facts

Company name KH

Sector Agrifood

Establishment 2009


Number of employees 67

Company Capital +50 Million USD

Country of Origin Local

A short history

K.H Company, established in 2009, is a leading agriculture company based in Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, with a unique investment approach that has been the catalyst for the development of a commercial agricultural sector in Iraq. The company was founded by two well-experienced businessmen who have spent years in the agriculture sector, handling products, equipment, and modern machinery.

KH Company's name is derived from the combination of "Kurdistan and Holland" as the founders aim to increase domestic production through Dutch manpower experience and modern technology in the agriculture business in Iraq. The company has a global vision to enhance the agriculture business locally in Iraq and boost the country's economy by integrating modern technology and scientific approaches to increase local agricultural products.

With over 50 million USD capital, KH Company employs 67 employees and has branch locations across Iraq. The company's core values include responsibility, quality, eco-friendliness, development, solidarity, and initiative.

According to KH Company's CEO, the potential of the agricultural sector in Iraq can be a cornerstone for the region's economy. By integrating modern technology and cultivating approaches, the agriculture sector in Iraq can be boosted for the benefit of the country inside and regional countries as well. The company stands with the local government and international agencies and actors to establish a proper ground to integrate modern technologies, machinery and approaches to the agriculture sector in Iraq.



Partnerships with Impact

One of KH Company's notable partnerships is with the International Labour Law (ILO) Organization, which aims to fund and train local farmers. The company provides loans to local farmers for up to 10 million Iraqi Dinars (IQD) with zero interest for up to three years, which is used for cultivation, harvesting, seeding, product development, and agricultural facility construction to enhance the production process. KH Company also provides training and capacity-building programs to enhance human capital skills in the agriculture sector in Iraq.


Expanding horizons

KH Company has completed several projects that have contributed to the development of the agriculture sector in Iraq. These projects include the Jutyar Factory, Broiler Chicken Production, Vegetable Sorting and Grading Factory, and Rehba Poultry Layer.

The Jutyar Factory is a modern, state-of-the-art poultry processing facility designed to produce high-quality meat products. The Broiler Chicken Production project aims to create high-quality broiler chickens that meet international standards.

The Vegetable Sorting and Grading Factory is a modern facility that sorts and grades vegetables according to quality, ensuring that only the best products are sold to consumers. The Rehba Poultry Layer project is a layer farm that aims to provide high-quality eggs to consumers.



Company Vision

KH Company's success is attributed to its unique investment approach, partnerships, and the integration of modern technology and scientific approaches to boost the agriculture sector in Iraq. The company's vision is to continue leading the innovation in the agriculture sector of Iraq by integrating modern technology and scientific approaches to increase local agricultural products.